A downloadable game for Windows

Turn your dusty exercise bike into a gaming experience. Getting fit will never be the same!

This project was created for the Leap Motion 3d jam in an effort to explore innovative ways to use the hardware. You must have an exercise bike, game controller, and a leap motion controller. You will also need a piece of white paper, a pencil, and some strong tape in order to create the paper tube that will be used by the leap motion to track the movement of the pedals.

Video Drive Thru:

Gameplay Video 2

Instructions on how to create pedal rig:

*must play on beautiful or fantastic setting!! I don't know why but it's a jam so, deal with it :D.

Install instructions

You will need to make a jig and attach it to the pedal of your exercise bike to play this game. To make the jig you will need:

  • A single piece of white paper
  • Something long and skinny like a pencil or pen
  • Tape, I recommend duct tape
  • a compatible USB extender
  • a game controller like an Xbox360 controller. you can use the arrow keys but it's recommended that you use a controller
  • must play the game on fantastic or beatuful. I don't know why.
  • Also I noticed that sometimes white shoe soles will confuse the sensor. If you have trouble try changing socks or shoes.

Video Instructions:

Text Instructions:

If you don't want to watch the video, you can be subjected to the verbal version which might be iffy. You have been warned.

You will need to roll the paper long wise making a tube. Tape the tube on the inside so the leap will not see the tape.

Put a pencil or pen in one of the sides and scrunch the paper around the pencil taping the pencil to the tube. make sure the pencil has at least two inches exposed outside the tube so you can attach it to the bottom of your pedal.

Tape the jig to the bottom of the right pedal so it points away from the machine.

Place the leap motion parallel to your exercise machine about and inch past the end of your jig. When your right foot is down, the leap should rest about an inch below the end of the jig.


veloWorldPC.rar 41 MB